September 28, 2021
Artistic behaviors

Artistic behaviors

As an artist, there have always been a thought (at the back of the mind or subconscious) that you cannot make money with your work, especially not how some individuals grow up. Personally speaking, grew up in a rural area when most citizens cannot afford the paintings and it makes individuals move a step back from their work. To a point that they nearly give up on the dream, talent, and passion, in some cases it can be their everything. As hard as it is at times, there should not be a slight instant where it feels like you want to give up on your dream. We all need a strong support system to achieve the dream and keep the dream alive somehow, it helps to have support.

Father's are to be an artist

Father’s are to be an artist as well, guess the artistic side comes from them as well. A memory pops up, an encounter of someone close was, there used to be moments when the child watches the father at the kind of paintings he paints.

Some fathers would paint for hours and hours, days and days, months and months, no matter how long he takes, the child would always be present and watch him paint. That is the moment the child looks up to the parent or father figure.

Artistic behaviors

Most artists are proud of their work, they are confident because of the passion they have for the position. Where others feel the complete opposite, like they think the work that they done will not be seen by others or professionals. That they will not provide their family or if the case of bringing in money, they feel that the money will not be enough to feed the family. But what they do not realize that some times money is not everything, once the passion and love is there for the work, then the money will come for itself. In most cases its like that, the words being uttered in this piece are words that an individual have experienced themselves.

Those that do not feel positive with the work they are doing, which is art in this case, should do research on where they can find inspiration to keep them going forward. In some cases, helps to talk to someone close to you or can even be a stranger. When talking to the person, help can be asked when unsure about something, you never know until tried.