September 28, 2021
How To Hide Nude Shared Posts On Your Facebook Account

How To Hide Nude Shared Posts On Your Facebook Account

Social media platforms are one of the most widely used platforms with over 5 billion users globally. It is used by businessmen and women, advertisers, celebrities and models, and several others. Some people now use social media like Facebook and Instagram as their digital albums. People no longer store pictures in phone album like it was in the 18 and 19th centuries. Again, digital cameras were mostly used to snap pictures but, with the coming of mobile phones, people can snap and upload on their Facebook and timeline within seconds. This has made it easy for people to share pictures, images, and other business-related stuff on the internet.

Again, the issue of insecurity and

Again, the issue of insecurity and posting of nude stuff has characterized recent activities on social media. The issue has become a global thread such that most users are beginning to get worried at the rate at which some individuals are using the internet. Posting nude stuff and hacking of users’ accounts on Facebook have become a common phenomenon. In 2003, a world acclaimed and reputable Politician and public figure in a European country were accused of posting nude pictures on his Facebook page. Around January of that same year, his Facebook account was hacked by some individuals in the opposition party.

They aimed to blackmail and tarnish

They aimed to blackmail and tarnish the reputation of this politician who the incumbent president. In January, his Facebook profile was hacked but, this politician was so preoccupied with his campaigns that he had little time to check what was going on his social media profile. The opponents had already planned on how they were going to nail him. His Facebook was used to share nude images and other pornographic videos on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. They went as far as getting videos of him and his wife during one of their close ties and love-making. Few days to the elections, the internet was flooded with videos and other disturbing episodes of him and his wife.

How To Hide Nude Shared Posts On Your Facebook Account

It was already too late for his team to delete or hide the pictures and the videos. In fact, within 24-hours his popularity dropped from 78% in most of the states he was already leading to less than 3%. His reputation that has been built for over a decade came crushing at his feet; the unfortunate thing was that the hackers had access to his account. They used that to get him out, series of investigations were carried out but, but it was too late. He had lost the elections to his opponents, 2-years later the investigation team finally tracked what happened to his Facebook. They discovered the opposition team was behind the plot to discredit him and make him lose the election.

That became a turning point for several users who had to take stringent measures to secure their accounts. Facebook is one of the platforms that can be used to bring down a person’s reputation if not properly secured. There are lots of unscrupulous acts going on Facebook that requires to constantly watch against hacking activities. In another scenario, a popular celebrity in the United States had to spend millions of US dollars to clean up his account that was used to share and post naked images of her on social media. This was done by her competitors that were to the future in one of the greatest Hollywood movie castings. Few days to the final selection, the video of this celebrity and other nude images were shared on her wall and timeline, and that ended her career.

This is just a few of the many setbacks some users have had to face. Several ways can be used to hide any post you are not comfortable with. And if you feel your profile is compromised against your will, you can contact Facebook support and request to delete your profile. But, if you still intend to maintain your account, then you can apply these steps to secure your profile. When you sign in to Facebook, go to settings select settings and privacy, on the left side, click on privacy. At this point, you can select your audience either public, friends, or private. If there is any post that is not from you, once you select the privacy option nobody will see your post, this will help screen every post before posting.