September 28, 2021
World War II Amazing Facts

World War II Amazing Facts

When looking back in history, one of the moments to be remembered is World War II. The war lasted for six years, 1939 to 1945 caused great chaos. Great massacres seen as times were getting hard striving to survive the war and also staying patriotic. Superpower countries against each other gained allies to oppose one another. A tough time economy collapsed, destruction of property, deaths of loved ones. War declared when Germany invaded Poland by Adolf Hitler with the power of alliance of Japan and Italy to strengthen military power. Remains to be the worst war era that brought the world to a standstill, and let us check out some amazing facts of the time.

Two common groups at the time

Two common groups at the time were Axis powers, Allied powers had major powers having the upper hand in the war serving common interest. Allied majors were the United States of America, Britain, China, and Russia. Germany, Italy, and Japan were the Axis nations joined later on pioneers were the three. During the war, to grow the military sector-major powers came up with a lend and lease act to help with equipment to fight. The lend and lease act helped with the aid from the big players to other countries joining the war. Finland was a neutral country but allied with both forces for survival tactics yet never formally joining either group.

Prisoners of war were always tortured

Prisoners of war were always tortured by the captors to reveal strategies of the opposing side to know their weaknesses. German interrogator Hanns Scharff against this he would instead treat them nicely, humane the prisoners, in turn, reveal information on their own without the use of coercion. Invasion of countries got some to leaders like Emil Hacha Czechoslovakian president had an attack after being threatened by plans to bombing the capital if he does not surrender to Hitler. He got injected and pumped with drugs until he officially gave up to the captors. Nutella, widely known and loved chocolate, was invented during the war by a pastry maker Pietro Ferrero, by adding hazelnuts into chocolate to add on cocoa for army supply to last longer.

World War II Amazing Facts

Disguise and escape were tactics used to get away from enemies, as military advancements did not favor many nations. A warship was disguised as a tropical island to escape the Japanese bombers using air warfare tactics. The smart move camouflaged the ship from enemies worked because it survived. However, with advanced military gear, the German submarine capsized when the washroom had a rundown during the war. A Polish bear gained up the ranks as it was trained, taught to salute, wrestled with the men in the preparedness of war, and also did carry around ammunition. Hitler designed the Nazi flag color red for the social idea of Nazism, white for Nationalism, and the black swastika for the struggle. Nazis would chant that victory prevails, by thinking of Nationalism got rid of the Jews in Germany, there were Jewish casualties who were innocent that is war.

Zoo animals killed beforehand to avoid the loitering of dangerous animals on the street if a zoo was bombed and let them out. An elephant in the Berlin Zoo was killed during WW2 by a bomb dropped. There was irony in that a close family member of Adolf Hitler, William Hitler, was a United States Navy during WWII. William afterward settled in the US. Field Marshal Alexander a well-versed man in Britain by the war’s end, but today he is not famous for his efforts in the war era. He was a brave officer who rose through the ranks very fast while still leading every day that he rose to at the frontline.

At concentration camps, over 3000 babies with low survival rates in harsh conditions were delivered by inexperienced midwives. Proven statistics show that less than half of the babies did not survive the concentration camp. The Red Army alleged to have been aggressive raping women and teenage girls across countries, greatly feared. Pearl Harbor was attacked by a US Navy Command called CINCUS (pronounced sink us). The soldiers of the US 45th Infantry Division wore a Swastika on their shoulders symbol for National Socialism. At the same time, Hitler’s private train was named Amerika, world war II an era to not experience.